Please read the whole form before filling it out. It is not possible to save an incomplete form to be completed at a later date, so have all of your information ready before you begin, including your Letter of Intent.

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Admission Criteria for the Honours Science Program

Applicants must have an overall High School average of 85% or above with a minimum of 80% in each of the Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics prerequisites.
These are the minimum requirements. Depending on the strength of the group in any given year, they may or may not be sufficient to gain admission to the program.

Please note that all Honours Science applicants must also apply through SRAM for admission into the Science Program at John Abbott College.
This online application is a separate application for admission into the Honours Science Program at John Abbott College.

1. Personal Information:

First Name
Last Name
Email address
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Postal Code
High School

2. Please submit a personal letter of intent and interest in the space provided.

This letter must be no more than 600 words and should:

a. describe your academic interests,
b. describe your university and career goals,
c. explain why you are interested in the Honours Science Program,
d. describe your extracurricular activities.

3. Please arrange for a letter of reference to be sent from a High School science or math teacher. This letter of reference should be sent by email by March 1 from the teacher to

The letter should provide a candid and confidential assessment of you with respect to the following:
a. your academic ability and desire to learn,
b. your work habits and leadership ability,
c. your maturity and dependability.

Please enter the name of the teacher sending your reference letter in the space provided below .

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